XR-3D Deep Learning


Deep learning enhanced 3D sensor with powerful performance and continuously improving accuracy.

Integrated platform to collect and analyse a wide range of indoor and outdoor customer behavior data.

Robust feature set supporting your multiple applications and system integration.

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XpandRetail 3D Deep Learning embeds data capturing, stereo vision analytics and deep learning technology into one single device, which represents state-of-the-art technology and next generation video sensor for traffic intelligence purpose.

Compared to other 3D sensors, its patented ‘DeepCount’ technology based on deep learning renders it superior in accuracy as it incessantly improves its count quality over time with the sensor being deployed over time.

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Weight 15.53 oz
Dimensions 8.03 × 4.21 × 2.76 in
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In case  entrances are partially blocked by permanent unmovable objects, this should not be included when measuring the entrance width.

On measuring the height of the store entrance, height from ceiling should be considered.

1 Foot= 30.48 cm,
1 Inch =2.54 cm